Our coach and bus drivers

The continuing education and training of our drivers is paramount for us. We invest in our coach driver because we care about your safety and convenience. Different trainings target different subjects. The safety driving training is only one part of our quality assurance system. We educate the drivers in technical aspects of their coaches, in various language courses and in good behavior. We also offer courses where the drivers learn about characteristics and differences from cultures from all over the world. To provide an excellent appearance our drivers wear a personal uniform from our company and are well trimmed.

Quality assurance system

  • Safety Driving Trainings
    • Regular attendance
    • Practical driver training including how to handle critical situations
    • Theory education with focus on the safety and the physics of driving
  • Technical Education
    • Know the technical basics of their vehicle
    • General Education about technical aspects
  • Language courses
    • English for every driver
    • Further languages depending on the driver’s preferences
    • Native speakers are part of our family
  • Cultural training
    • Learning about the characteristics of other cultures

Drivers - Coach Company Frankfurt